Lord of the Rings (Sir Christopher Lee) DR
The Hobbit (Sir Christopher Lee) DR
A Royal Midsummer Concert DR TV composer and arranger
The Musical of the Year* composer/arranger  (dir:Julia Mackenzie)
Royal Opening of the Oresund (Denmark-Sweden) bridge (arranger/conductor) DR TV
Official Commemoration of 9/11. Copenhagen City live audience of 10,000 (Arranger and Musical Director)
The Big Picture DR TV plus live audience of 11,000r
The Laying of the Foundation Stone for the Danish radio New Concert Hall (Composer/Conductor)
De grønne slagtere (“The Green Butcher” Nordisk Film
Gothenborg Opera House Volvo cars launch (full symphony orchestra and chorus)
Johannesburg Playhouse In Celebration of Alan Jay Lerner
Stig Rossen 3 albums – 2 gold, 1 platinum (arranger and conductor)
Inge Neilsen  – Danish operatic soprano (arranger and conductor)
Kim Sjogren violin virtuoso (2 albums) (arranger and conductor)
Jesper Lungaard (arranger)
Per Nielsen trumpet virtuoso (arranger and conductor)
Kurt Ravn (arranger and conductor)
The Three Nordic Tenors (live) Stig Rossen Tommy Korberg Kurt Ravn (arranger and conductor)
Lullaby (for Scandinavia) Suzanne Elmark (arranger and conductor)